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Technical Information

As a general rule of thumb we often describe our live-aboard life as one part sailing, one part cleaning, cooking and boat maintenance and another part site seeing and having fun. Ideally we like to spend a day sailing, a day doing jobs on the boat and another day ashore being tourists.

Cleaning, cooking, and maintenance jobs take up a fair chunk of our time. Furthermore we also have to find time to upgrade and replace items of equipment that either break or become tired and worn. This has been more noticeable as the boat gets older. Our aim has been to keep Yarona in the best possible condition as we need to ensure she is reliable but also because she is our home.

This section of the web site is intended to record all the various technical aspects of owning a boat like Yarona. We have worked long and hard to understand how she works and how to keep her working. We have had to learn new skills. Sometimes we have had to learn by making mistakes. We hope