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Yarona is a Hallberg Rassy HR43, launched 2003 . She is owned and sailed by us, Barrie and Kath Stott

Yarona - Hallberg Rassy HR43

We hope our web site is of interest to family and friends, and also to anyone else who happens to stumble across it.

We first learnt to sail on a flotilla holiday in Greece in 2001, and slowly began to realise that with some planning and major changes to our lives, we could buy a sailing yacht and set off to see the world.

The photos above show Yarona sailing in Scotland and Greece. No prize for guessing which is which!

Our day-to day sailing adventures are now on our blog CLICK HERE. This website is where we tell you more about Yarona and our experience of the live-aboard life. We will also endeavour to include information on the countries we visit, and hope this will be useful for anyone considering heading the same way.

Latest News - June 2017

We arrived on Flores, the Azores at the end of May following a fast passage from Bermuda.

Flores is delightful so we intend to stay here a while before moving onto Horta.  We will be heading for Ireland at the end of July.

Link to our blog HERE.